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DemosCAD Features
SkyTOP DemosCAD®.
About SkyTOP DemosCAD®

DemosCAD has a similar interface to Autodesk AutoCAD. Just like Autocad, DemosCAD has an auto-complete command feature that lets you easily access AutoCAD commands. Once you type in the command, DemosCAD completes the commands for you even as it demonstrates how the command is used to carry out a task in Autodesk software.

Features and Benefits of SkyTOP DemosCAD®

Similarity in Interfaces

The command tools in DemosCAD are the same tools found in Autodesk AutoCAD software program. They are also located in the same position as they are in AutoCAD. This similarity lets users easily identify and locate the tools in AutoCAD after learning how to work with them in DemosCAD. A person working with AutoCAD can also seamlessly transit to DemosCAD while in the middle of a design project to quickly see how a tool that he is struggling with works and easily return back toAutoCAD to continue with the project.

AutoCAD Commands are demonstrated in DemosCAD
DemosCAD contains downloadable Demo Files
Command Tutorials in DemosCAD
Project Tutorials in DemosCAD
The Auto-Complete Command line in DemosCAD
The Resources Menu in DemosCAD
Introduction Clip for DemosCAD
‘AutoCAD Captured Live’Movie
The AutoCAD Gallery
The AutoCAD New Features Tab
The AutoCAD Preview Guides
Industry Specific Tab
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