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DemosCAD Navigation Tips

DemosCAD Navigation Tips

To View Demo

Click any tool you wish to view demonstration of, and a dialog box appears.

For you to view a demo, you have to check ‘Demonstration’ among the options that appear. Then click OK

Exercising with AutoCAD

Install Autodesk AutoCAD to enable you to practice with the downloadable exercise files available for each tool or command. For you to download the DWG file for practising with a particular tool, click the tool and check ‘Exercise With Autodesk AutoCAD’ in the dialog box that appears, and then click OK.

The exercise file is downloaded and opens automatically in AutoCAD.

Reading Instructions about a Tool

To get additional information on each tool or command, check the ‘Procedure’ option on the dialog box that appears after clicking a tool to obtain written instructions on the tool usage in pdf format.

Viewing Project Tutorials

View inspirational projects done in AutoCAD by checking the ‘Command Tutorial’ option and then clicking OK in the dialog box that appears once you click a tool in DemosCAD.

Moving the Token Balance Pop-up

Click and drag the token balance pop-up to move it anywhere within the screen for your own convenience.

To use Command Line

Type the first few letters of a command in the command line to utilize the auto-complete list generated in selecting the appropriate command. Choose your desired command from the list that appears

To Easily Retrieve Unknown Commands

Key in any letter(s) you suspect are contained in a command in the ‘Search for command’ search bar on the top right corner of the screen to view all possible suggestions. Select your desired command from the suggestion list that also describes what each suggested command does.

Full Screen Mode

Use DemosCAD in full screen mode by pressing ENTER on your keyboard for the best experience. To exit the full screen mode, press ESC.