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DemosCAD introduces new price packages

DemosCAD introduces new price packages

Using demoscad.net is now easier and more convenient. Those of you already familiar with DemosCAD are aware of its unrivaled ability to  provide design professionals and students with information that allows them to become proficient in Autodesk’s AutoCAD software.

While our long time users are largely familiar with the offline version of our DemosCAD software, we, as of 2018, officially launched demoscad.net; an online version of DemosCAD that allows users to purchase pay as you go tokens used to learn the tools and functions of AutoCAD within an accurate simulated environment.

Although previously we had allowed individual packages to be bought for as low as 100KES or 1USD, we found it necessary to pay attention to current industry trends.

Most notably, the ever increasing affordable tariffs offered for internet bundles by mobile networks and internet service providers.

This to us means our current and potential users have an increased level of access to the internet, and they now more than ever, expect convenient access to information and services.

As a result, Demoscad.net users will be increasingly more capable to use our software for extended periods of time, across numerous devices and at a time convenient to them.

We have introduced the option of purchasing a monthly and annual subscription for our demoscad.net tokens.

Still competitively priced and geared towards providing value, we now offer a 10 USD monthly package, and a 100 USD for an annual subscription.

It is our hope that those who sign up for the product will be able to focus more on gaining value for your tokens as opposed to worrying about using up their tokens.

We have designed these packages to both individual and corporate users alike, and will avail the changes as early as 1st of October 2018. To get started using the demoscad.net platform, simply login to your existing account and get started on the package that works for you.

New users can head on to www.demoscad.net to sign up or download the app from google Playstore or iTunes and begin their journey to CAD excellence today.

As always we welcome your feedback, and testimonials, call us on: (254) 704-476-333) or email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know your thoughts on our products and services.

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