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Women in Technology

Women in Technology

It’s no secret that the tech industry was male-dominated a few years ago. According to a report on the Women of Silicon Roundabout Conference, the diversity pendulum is slowly shifting. The industry that was almost entirely male dominated, twenty years ago is starting to change. With more women in the technology industry, the results are going to be transformative not only for the business and technology but also for the society as a whole.

In the Women of Silicon Roundabout Conference that was recently held in London, there was a notable increase in the number of women attending with majority being women. Let’s take into consideration the topic of Artificial Intelligence(AI), there is fear around machines taking over our jobs. What is actually noticeable is that there is a shift in the type of work required to be done. With this shift comes a change in the type of skills required, and a change in the workforce and workplace.

The Future We Want

In a survey carried out on 1,500 women working in Technology, it was found that more than half aged between 18-39 reported good opportunities to advance their careers. This is a clear indication that Silicon Valley is changing its attitude to recognize and reward female workers. There is more hope about the future in technology and its impact on the world.  As we increase our focus on applied intelligence and digital transformation, more women are now joining the technology industry.

The Digital Revolution

After years of trying to drive more women into STEM education with little success, it turns out that the digital revolution has shown us another path. Technology is now more consumable and there is need for more people who can imagine the possibilities, then impact, and enable both business and society with it. Technology and business companies need more thinkers and leaders, social skills, creative minds, designers and strategists.
While its normal to feel strange and uncomfortable with change, a new workforce brings about more passion and emotion in the workplace. However, this change also requires new leadership styles and skills as well as a conscious management of the often unconscious bias common in our industry. Expectations of a traditional consultant profiles - orientations, gender, age or ethnicity can hinder development of the new workforce. We are now evolving, growing, and learning at an accelerated pace. Our advancement is not only fueled by Artificial Intelligence but also an increasingly diverse and talented workforce.

Endless Opportunities

The possibility of women in the field of Technology are endless thanks to a better revolution from the business sector. There is so much opportunity for women going to work in the Engineering sector.  Most companies are now waking up to the value of women both as customers and employees.
While there is plenty of opportunities for women in technology, their future depends on the industry’s ability to inspire these women to study engineering throughout their school’s career and then go to apprenticeships and degrees in these subjects. 

To build a viable future for women in Technology, there must be a cultural shift. The more we change mindsets, the more we can break down institutional barriers to the acceptance and progression of women in Technology.