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DemosCAD wins great user experience ranking on financeonline.com

DemosCAD wins great user experience ranking on financeonline.com

 Our premier CAD-based software DemosCAD has earned an enviable overall score of 8.0 from financeOnline, a well-recognized B2B software review platform.
The illustrious ranking has come from our online version of the software that has been in the market since 2017.With our DemosCAD software, we offer users access to accurate and verified content that allows users to become proficient in AutoCAD tools and functions. We offer our users access to a downloadable mobile application that comprehensively demonstrates all the tools and functions of Autodesk's AutoCAD software.

We are geared towards providing an unrivaled user experience through our expertly curated online platform. DemosCAD, in addition to tutorials and PDF's also offers users access to; video content, auto complete command lines an industry-specific tab, command tutorials and a myriad of other features all within a fully simulated interface similar to AutoCAD. Although our online platform is primarily B2C, we through, flexible payment and subscription plans and the option of our offline version, allow learning institutions and corporate business entities to have access to our software solutions.
As such, our FinanceOnline ranking of among the Top50 software products, our User Experience award and our rising star award, for us are a great honor.

Further recognition of our emphasis on customer experience, ease of uptake and usability to us is undoubtedly an acknowledgment of our staff's incredible efforts to ensure the very best product offering for our clients.

Of note in the features under review for FinanceOnline were:

  • Similar AutoCAD interface
  • AutoCAD Commands Demonstrations
  • Printable Instruction Guide
  • Demo Files
  • Command Tutorials
  • Project Tutorials
  • Auto-Complete Command Line
  • Resources Menu
  • AutoCAD Gallery
  • Preview Guides
  • Captured Live Movie
  • Industry Specific Tab
  • PDF Instruction Guide

The review also takes note of the technical details involved in running the software across different devices, language support, pricing model, customer support and deployment (cloud hosting).
We are appreciative of the award offered to us by FinanceOnline and are excited to offer our users the opportunity to review the product on the platform: https://reviews.financesonline.com/p/demoscad The apperception of DemosCAD by FinanceOnline is the perfect icing to the cake for an incredible year in refining our product offering and Value.

For more information on DemosCAD, visit www.demoscad.net sign up and judge for yourself. Get Started today to take advantage of our 40% off Holiday offer or our 7day free trial of limited tools and see it for yourself.

For our existing users, you can once again offer your review of DemosCAD on FinanceOnline today.

2019 here we come!