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SkyTOP Construct
SkyTOP  Construct®
About SkyTOP Construct®

SkyTOP  Construct® is a web-based software platform that lets students and professionals in design, construction and engineering, and those in the informal (Jua kali) sector share knowledge and skills on how projects are carried out in real-life situations or using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software programs.

The platform also seamlessly connects training institutions with manufacturers and other industry players (linkages) on a single system thereby enhancing exchange of knowledge and skills which ensures those graduating are well-prepared for job market.

Through the platform, architects, engineers, constructors, masons, designers, motor vehicle manufacturers and assemblers, furniture manufacturers, phone manufacturers and repairers, universities, TVETs and other training institutions generate revenue not only by equipping those in need of relevant skills, but also from the clicks and views generated from projects posted on the platform.

This is a customized feature that allows users (both Students and Lecturers) to upload content that will be accessed by the students or the card professionals.

The tools feature enables the user to understand how the specific CAD tools are used to create the project or the project components. Clicking on any listed tools demonstrates the tool.

The features allow users to upload and download files in pdf format, documenting the various features, specifications and steps used in creating the projects. 

This feature enables the 3D representation of a project. This computation model gives the user a visual assessment of the project prior to the production of the physical model.

Benefits of SkyTOP Construct®
Users are able to have access to the project literature which acts as a handbook in understanding the project.
It provides users with the project assembly thereby creating a visual representation of the project.
Users are able to view the individual projects components that make up the project.
It shortens the CAD learning curve thus saving time and money.
Users are able to chat and comment on projects.