DemosCAD® Construct
About DemosCAD® Construct

DemosCAD Construct is an integrated platform through which trainers and students in institutions of higher learning share knowledge and skills on how projects are carried out in AutoCAD and in real life situations. The benefits for both University students and lecturers are outlined below. 


Upload design projects and related training notes.
Retrieve completed assignments from students.
Upload design assignments and projects for access by your students.
Familiarize yourself with new AutoCAD features useful in preparing design projects


Use Demo command tools that simulate AutoCAD design tools.

Retrieve design assignments uploaded by your lecturers.
Upload completed assignments.
Familiarise yourself with new AutoCAD features useful in preparing design projects.
Benefits of DemosCAD® Construct
Users are able to have access to the project literature which acts as a handbook in understanding the project.
It provides users with the project assembly thereby creating a visual representation of the project.
Users are able to view the individual projects components that make up the project.
It shortens the AutoCAD learning curve thus saving time and money.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is DemosCAD® Construct used for?
DemosCAD® Construct software is used for accurate 2D drafting, design, and documentation. Includes features to automate tasks and improve productivity. Compare drawings, count, add objects, and create tables. thus letting  you create, edit, and annotate drawings on your desktop, web, and mobile devices.

About DemosCAD

DemosCAD is a software development and solutions company creating solutions for Autodesk based Software.

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