SkyTOP  Construct®
About SkyTOP Construct®

SkyTOP  Construct® is a web-based software platform that lets students and professionals in design, construction and engineering, and those in the informal (Jua kali) sector share knowledge and skills on how projects are carried out in real-life situations or using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software programs.

The platform also seamlessly connects training institutions with manufacturers and other industry players (linkages) on a single system thereby enhancing exchange of knowledge and skills which ensures those graduating are well-prepared for job market.

Through the platform, architects, engineers, constructors, masons, designers, motor vehicle manufacturers and assemblers, furniture manufacturers, phone manufacturers and repairers, universities, TVETs and other training institutions generate revenue not only by equipping those in need of relevant skills, but also from the clicks and views generated from projects posted on the platform.

How to Organize Your Project

The video is essential for learners and trainers as it provides a clear, step-by-step guide to organizing and publishing projects on SkyTOP Construct. For learners, it simplifies complex tasks and promotes essential skills like clarity and organization.

For trainers, it offers a standardized instructional method, ensuring consistency and completeness in project submissions while allowing more focus on advanced learning objectives.  Overall, the video enhances the educational process by improving understanding and efficiency

Sample Projects

The video created is crucial for learners and trainers alike, offering a structured and visual exploration of the car engine assembly process. It effectively bridges theoretical knowledge with practical demonstrations, providing learners with a comprehensive understanding of complex mechanical concepts in an accessible format.

For trainers, this video serves as an invaluable tool for teaching automotive engineering concepts. It offers clear, step-by-step animations and detailed component descriptions to enhance engagement and retention among students. Moreover, the inclusion of removal videos and STL files for specific parts allows trainers to conduct practical demonstrations, fostering a deeper understanding of car engine assembly techniques.


Create a project in the fields of Engineering, Construction, Computer-Aided Design, Fashion Design, Product Design etc.


Upload videos, images, STL files and documentation of your complete Project on SkyTOP Construct Platform.


Any project you upload on SkyTOP Construct Platform earns you income based on the views it generates.

Benefits of SkyTOP Construct®
SkyTOP Construct automates the dissemination and acquisition of knowledge and skills across the globe on a single platform
As a universal classroom, SkyTOP Construct enhances peer-to-peer engagements among students, technicioans and professionals around the world.
SkyTOP Construct is a source of income and wealth creation for millions around the world looking for opportunitied for survival.
SkyTOP Construct provides a bigger audience and global reach for trainers using the platform.
SkyTOP Construct is a supermarket of relevant knowledge and skills.

We're excited to announce the release of our SkyTOP Construct mobile apps versions! You can access the Android version here and the iOS version here. Our apps are currently undergoing final evaluation on Google and Apple stores and will be available on these platforms 1st July 2024. Stay tuned for updates and enjoy the seamless experience our apps offer!

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