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SkyTOP DemosCAD | The Demonstrations Software for Autodesk AutoCAD

Who is DemosCAD for?


Use of DemosCAD in learning AutoCAD shortens the learning curve making you get relevant skills for the job market within a short period of time.


As a Professional,  DemosCAD is a faster way to improve your AutoCAD skills. Enhanced AutoCAD skills enables you to give more quality designs.


DemosCAD in institutions, will encourage self-training to students in practicals which equips the graduate with relevant AutoCAD skills for the job market.

How DemosCAD Works

Demo Videos

When you click on tool in DemosCAD a video instantly demonstrates how the tool works in AutoCAD.

Demo Files

After watching a demo video you can also read Demo Files used to create the demonstration.

Exercise Points

With DemosCAD you can launch projects on AutoCAD and practice what you've learnt.

Julie - Architectural Student Case Study

Julie is a second year university student studying Architecture. She aspires to be a highly skilled architect working in one of the best architectural firms or construction companies. She loves design and desires to create prestigious designs that will make her future clients happy, allow her to stay ahead of her competition and that her employers will be proud of.
Julie has just been introduced to AutoCAD as a unit within her course but there are just too many tools for her to be taught in class.
What should Julie do?
With DemosCAD;
  • Julie can watch demo videos to understand how to use AutoCAD tools to create architectural designs.
  • Julie could also access inspirational tutorials showing how AutoCAD is used with other Autodesk software products to create fascinating architectural tasks.
  • She could see fascinating works created using AutoCAD software giving users a glimpse of what they can do with it and other AutoDesk software.

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