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DemosCAD Gets Reloaded With New Features

DemosCAD Gets Reloaded With New Features

Things keep changing, and for our web-based version, things are getting better and better due to the dynamic nature of our online application. Our product development team in charge of DemosCAD, has come up with remarkable improvement of the product, which has also resulted in creating a free trial version of the software.

The changes are meant to improve the functionality and user-experience of the software. Some of the tools and commands whose demos and exercises were greatly enhanced are mostly for 3D modelling. Let us look at the changes made to some of them.

Sweep Tool

The old Sweep tool demo only covered the normal sweep along a path with no specification of the angle of twist and the scale. The new Sweep tool demo has added both the angle of twist and scale of the sweep. In this case, there are three illustrations in one demo: one showing the simple Sweep along a path, the second one showing a Sweep along a path where the angle of twist is specified, and the third one showing a Sweep where the path, scale and angle of twist are specified.

Loft Tool

The old demo for Loft tool simply showed how to loft different cross-sections with no regard to the guides.  The new Demo has three illustrations: one showing loft for different cross-sections, the second one showing loft for different cross-sections and different guides, and the third showing loft for two cross-sections on a specified path.

Extrude Tool

What has changed in this tool’s demo is the object, where the new demo has two objects for extrusion, whose quality has been improved to clearly show how the tool works.

Revolve Tool

This tool demo has a new object which shows the wonderful way the Revolve tool can be applied to realize various designs. The Revolve tool is shown in this demo, being used to create a wine glass.
Other tools that have newly improved demos are the Subtract, Intersect, Array and Render tool.