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Working with AutoCAD Using DemosCAD


Working with AutoCAD Using DemosCAD

DemosCAD is a tool for guiding as well as enhancing your skills in AutoCAD. For you to effectively take advantage of this opportunity that DemosCAD gives you to enhance your skills, it is advisable to install AutoCAD too.

There are various ways of obtaining this software, and the cheapest is to download the free software for students and educators from Autodesk’s website. This free version has the limitation of a watermark and cannot be used for commercial designing purposes, but it is good for learners.

The other alternative is to download the free trial version. After the trial period ends you will not be able to use the software until you obtain a license which you buy from Autodesk. It is a bit expensive but the investment is worth it. There are also resellers of AutoCAD who sell the product on behalf of Autodesk throughout the world.

After obtaining the software, you need to install it in your PC. Of course there are minimum system requirements for such a robust software to function properly in your computer. For instance, AutoCAD 2018, a PC with 2GB RAM and above, a speed of 1GHz and above, and which runs on windows 7 (32-bit &64-bit), windows 8.1(32-bit &64-bit) or windows 10(64-bit only, and version 1607 and up recommended).

Notice that there are other requirements for graphics. For 3D modelling at least 8GB RAM is recommended in addition to other requirements.

Once you install AutoCAD, you may view a demo on DemosCAD, and after viewing, you download an exercise that automatically opens in AutoCAD and carry out the exercise. The exercise is simple because it is similar to what you have viewed in the demo.

Monkeys learn the skill of jumping from tree to tree without falling through practice. The value of these exercises is practice. By carrying out an exercise every time you view a tool, you will increase your AutoCAD skills tremendously.

As you advance your skills in AutoCAD, you may start working on design projects. As you work on a project and you need to carry out some task but are not sure what tool to use, you can open DemosCAD and try viewing demos of several tools or commands to see what they do and when you get the one that can carry out your intended task, then you switch to AutoCAD and use the tool or command in your project.

DemosCAD also has a gallery of fascinating projects that can inspire your creative mind to come up with great design ideas. You can then start working on these ideas as you keep referring to DemosCAD to view demos or read pdf instructions in order to test which too or command best fits for each step in your design.

What a great guide we have in DemosCAD!